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If you have been an addict for a long time, it’s likely that you will have to go through medical detoxification (or detox) at some point. For most addicts, detox is the beginning of their new life. Detox is a process that rids the body of harmful substances (usually toxins) left behind due to the addiction. Detox helps eliminate the body’s physical dependence on alcohol or whatever substance the body has been consuming. This will return your body to a more normal state, where it will be easier to overcome your addiction.

Unfortunately, many addicts fear detox because of the withdrawal symptoms. They can include vomiting, headaches, nausea and having trouble sleeping. The symptoms are uncomfortable, but they are normal during the detox process. They are actually a good sign, since they demonstrate that the body is trying to get back to normal. Going through the withdrawal symptoms is much easier when your detox procedure is supervised. Then you know you’ll have help available when you need it.

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